Planacy Planning Platform

Fully configurable platform customized to your unique process!

Planacy Planning Platform

Fully configurable platform customized to your unique process!

Your unique process

Is your planning process in Excel or another spreadsheet? Do you find the process difficult to administer or lacking in quality? Individual companies often have several specific and unique planning processes. Planacy's flexibility and configurability makes the platform fully customizable to your business and needs. The platform’s modular technology and powerful functions enable Planacy to be configured for your process – making it easier to administer, more efficient to run and with higher quality.

Get rid of Excel

Lots of companies run their various planning processes in Excel. Excel is a good system with many advantages, but it also has weaknesses such as version management and the risk of files crashing with multiple user inputs. Planacy can be configured to your unique process and integrated with your BI, DW or ERP. This minimizes risks, management and administration.


A modern web interface plus powerful functionality in planning templates configured to your process enable you to support your employees’ planning. Planacy gives you a more collaborative planning process and a better consensus. 

Increase the quality and value 

Planacy is built on the vision of giving companies a clearer view ahead, whatever the process or how it looks. When you move from Excel to a modern planning platform, you get a more collaborative planning process that improves the quality of your budgeting, forecasting and planning. You can also carry them out more frequently and with more value for the business, giving you a clearer view ahead.

Take the step towards a continuous clearer view ahead!

Planacy gives you a planning platform with unique flexibility and configurability. Fully customizable to your business, process and needs. Book a demo meeting or web demo today.