Planacy Planning Platform

Fully customizable to your business and needs

Planacy Planning Platform

Fully customizable to your business and needs

Processes and functions in Planacy

Planacy gives you a platform for budget, forecast and planning that is fully customizable to your business, process and needs.  Planacy can streamline your entire planning process or parts of it – whatever sector you are in or whichever process is most critical to your particular business. Seamless integration and customized drivers also make it quicker and easier to deal with and plan each individual process. Examples of processes and business functions that Planacy supports are given below.


In Excel, it is almost impossible to have total control over budgeting and forecasting. With Planacy, the controlling team is able to reduce administration, and more decentralized process is made possible. This increases the quality of the work, and enables the controlling department instead to support the business in the budget and forecast process.

HR & Personnel Budgeting

Budgeting personnel costs – pay, bonuses, sick pay, holidays and pensions – at a sufficiently detailed level is often challenging. The underlying calculations are often complex, and frequently the business do not understand the regulations. With Planacy's HR & Personnel module, you can budget in greater detail while simplifying personnel budgeting for those with personnel responsibility.

Sales Budgeting

Sales is often the department with the greatest impact on the final outcome in budgeting, forecasting and planning. How much will you be selling? To whom? When? And not least, what will you be selling and at what prices? With Planacy, you get budget and forecast templates that can be customized for your business. You can plan your sales with greater detail and quality, while making it quicker and simpler for end users.

Project Budgeting

Project budgeting and forecasting are often complex and time-consuming, and require a high degree of adaptation to the company’s business logic. Planacy is designed to deal with complex business processes. It enables customer-unique adaptation that is seamlessly integrated with your project follow-up. Delegating ownership in the process is easier, and project managers can provide input in a simple and user-friendly way. You not only save time, but also achieve better control and higher quality work.

Central Cost Allocation

By applying templates for your company's central costs, you make things easier for the business while getting a more accurate budget for your various cost centres. The starting point is always to delegate responsibility and ownership for the budget and forecast process to those with the greatest insight into operations. However, some aspects should always remain with the finance function, such as allocating central costs to the various cost centres. In Planacy, central costs are allocated according to your particular business logic.

Rolling forecasts

In an ever-changing world, it is increasingly important to have a continuous and up-to-date view ahead. Planacy makes it easy for you to use rolling forecasts. Rolling forecasts give you a continuously updated view ahead, with financial opportunities and consequences. It gives you better information for decisions about which activities are required to influence the forecast and development in the right direction.

Your unique process

Do you have a planning process in Excel or another spreadsheet? Do you find the process difficult to administer or lacking in quality? Often each company has its own specific planning process. Planacy's unique flexibility and configurability makes the platform fully customizable to your business, process and needs. The platform’s modular technology and powerful functions enable Planacy to be configured for your process. This means the process is higher quality and easier to administer.

Make the move towards increased quality and control!

Planacy gives you a planning platform with unique flexibility and configurability. Fully customizable to your business, process and needs. Book a demo meeting or web demo today.