Planacy Workshop prepares you for a system change

Together we design a planning platform customized to your business and needs.

Planacy Workshop prepares you for a system change

Together we design a planning platform customized to your business and needs.

Planacy Workshop

Implementing a new software can be difficult and time-consuming. How can you minimize problems when implementing and rolling out your new system? We say never underestimate the work – leave plenty of time to prepare.

That is why Planacy offers workshops that prepare your whole business for a system change. During the workshop, we work through templates and processes together. A Planacy workshop is excellent basic preparation, whether you go on to choose Planacy or another platform.

Before a Planacy workshop

Before the workshop, we prepare ourselves by familiarizing ourselves with your processes and business. We will ask you for a brief description of your planning process and how responsibilities are allocated in it. We will also request files from you, such as your accounts structure and an organizational tree. This gives us the best possible preparation for the workshop.

During a Planacy workshop

We hold a discussion-based workshop where we work together to design and configure your company's templates and processes as they might look in Planacy. This is based on the files given to us to prepare for the workshop. During the workshop, you will get an idea of what your process looks like in Planacy and how you can run the process using Planacy. Depending on your requirements and needs, the workshop will last four to five hours spread over one or two sessions.

After a Planacy workshop

After the workshop, you will have access to the results as a private Planacy instance in the cloud. You have access to the instance for 14 days. This enables you to test and evaluate the system, and ensure that Planacy meets your needs. You will also receive a document with the templates and processes, plus specifications you can use as the basis for further work on the system change.

Would you like to book a Planacy workshop?

For only a small investment in a Planacy workshop you get about 16-20 hours of consultation with a budgeting and planning expert. Together you will go through how your process could and should look in a  platform for budget, forecast and planning.

The workshop and the material you receive will help you better specify the process and the requirements of a new platform. Whether you go on to choose Planacy or another system support. Choosing Planacy gives you an excellent and solid head start, because your process and budget templates are already specified.

A planning platform customizable for your business and needs

Planacy is a modern planning platform that simplifies the work with budget, forecast and planning. It is a flexible platform developed to be adaptable to the various types of needs and the complexity of many business processes. All companies have their structure, working methods and processes. The Planacy platform with flexible and customizable modules for different processes can quickly be adapted and implemented to suit every individual customer.

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