Haglöfs needed a flexible planning platform that could be configured and customized to its business and planning process. Their old system support did not allow that. With Planacy, Haglöfs now has a flexible and scalable platform for their various business areas. A platform that handles their planning process for sales, costs and personnel with drivers for their profit and loss statement.

  Planacy gives us an increased quality of the work.

With Planacy, we can now focus on analyzing and questioning input and output instead of consolidating data in Excel through traditional "Copy & Paste." Planacy gives us an increased quality of the work and faster analysis of the forecasts.

— Tobias Alvers, Business Controller Haglöfs

Who is Planacy suitable for?

Planacy’s customers are typically medium and large companies across a range of sectors. They often have multiple units needing support for a variety of planning processes. Learn more about processes Planacy support.

Usually, the businesses are very different. They face different types of problems and challenges in their efforts to look ahead. So it is important to our customers that the system is flexible and can be customized to their business and complexity. Planacy’s unique flexibility and configurability is one of the platform's greatest strengths, enabling it to meet customers' need for flexibility.

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