Clear Channel

By using Planacy, Clear Channel has left time-consuming and unreliable Excel spreadsheets behind in favour of a more transparent and structured working method for budgeting and forecasting. Clear Channel uses Planacy for account and cost budgeting on many dimensions along with detailed personnel budgeting.

  Planacy has given Clear Channel Sweden the prerequisites for a more structured and perspicuous way of working when it comes to budget and forecast.

The implementation was fast and effective and we achieved the project’s time and budget goals. Much of this thanks to the possibility to start on an easier basic level which we then continuously improve. An example of this is the introduction of a more detailed HR and personnel module. We have now decided to implement Planacy also in all other Scandinavian countries”.

— Björn Fröblom, FP&A Clear Channel Scandinavia

Who is Planacy suitable for?

Planacy’s customers are typically medium and large companies across a range of sectors. They often have multiple units needing support for a variety of planning processes. Learn more about processes Planacy support.

Usually, the businesses are very different. They face different types of problems and challenges in their efforts to look ahead. So it is important to our customers that the system is flexible and can be customized to their business and complexity. Planacy’s unique flexibility and configurability is one of the platform's greatest strengths, enabling it to meet customers' need for flexibility.

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