The Planning Platform Planacy

Our history and our vision!

The Planning Platform Planacy

Our history and our vision!

About Planacy

Planacy is run by a motivated and dedicated team. As a team, we develop Planacy together in line with the vision of helping companies to look forward proactively and become more successful by making budgeting, forecasting and planning easier and more value-creating.

We have created a modern and innovative platform for budget, forecast and planning that gives you a simpler and more value-creating process. A flexible planning platform built to handle complex realities. One that can grow and develop with your company, and that can be customized to your business, your needs and processes. This unique flexibility and configurability makes the platform the innovative challenger on the Scandinavian market – something we are proud of.

Planacy AB was founded in 2015, following years of agile product development, testing and refining in close dialogue with financial managers, controllers and business managers in various businesses and sectors.

Over 70 Scandinavian companies have already chosen Planacy as their platform for budgets, forecasts and planning. We are now growing, and seeking more employees and partners that want to become more successful with the help of Planacy.

It all started with BI

Planacy’s story starts in Business Intelligence. At a consulting firm that used the Qlik® product platform. The founders were as delighted as their customers by how efficient, agile and flexible it made follow-up and business analysis. And so the idea of planning their business with equal ease and flexibility was born. This led to a new concept.

The product Planacy is born

The concept proved successful, and development of the first version of the product Planacy started. Product development began on a modern technical platform with the aim of creating a stand-alone scalable product for budgets and forecasts.

Our first customer delivery

Then came the first live Planacy delivery and implementation to a customer. High customer satisfaction led to Planacy's continuous further development with more functions and processes, together with improved flexibility and usability.

Planacy as a company is founded

Planacy is hived off from the consulting firm and Planacy AB is founded. It becomes an independent company that can now give 100% focus to its product vision and platform development. Everything is now in place for Planacy’s continuing development and growth.

Planacy builds its success with Partners

The platform is becoming increasingly easy to implement and manage. So Planacy is now starting to employ partner-driven sales and implementation. Partners that share Planacy's vision offer their customers the Planacy planning platform to help them towards a simpler, more value-creating budget, forecast and planning process.

External investors support the company's ambitions

To further accelerate growth, Planacy attracts growth capital from new investors that support the company's ambitious objectives.

The development continues

Planacy has now evolved into a modern planning platform for both financial and operational planning. New functions and processes are developed, and companies increasingly choose Planacy ahead of less flexible budget, forecast and planning tools.

Today Planacy is the challenger working towards the vision of helping businesses become more successful by making budgeting, forecasting and planning easier and more value-creating.

Curious to know more about Planacy?

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