Streamlines budget, forecasting and planning processes


Streamlines budget, forecasting and planning processes



Planacy has customizable modules, a flexible user interface and configurable templates and functions. The platform can handle a complex reality, and can grow and develop with your company. The planning platform’s unique flexibility and configurability make it fully customizable to your business, process and needs.


Planacy’s workflow support automates and defines your workflow. At the same time, it reduces administration and increases opportunities to delegate easily and as a controller support the business in the planning process. Powerful functions support a simpler, high-quality planning process. Planacy streamlines budgeting, forecasting and planning and enables a more frequent planning.


With Planacy, you avoid manual data acquisition and version management. You need not worry about Excel spreadsheets crashing, or numerical errors. Planacy gives you total control over workflow, versions, consolidation – and which users can access what. The platform’s functions, efficiency and simplicity along with increased frequency lead to greater precision. Planacy enables you to run a structured and controlled process easily, with more reliable budgets, forecasts and plans.

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A simpler, more value-creating planning process makes businesses more successful

Planacy helps you look ahead proactively and be more successful by making your budgeting, forecasting and planning easier and more value-creating.

Planacy is developing continuously with the vision of simplifying and improving proactive planning and the view ahead.

Planacy gives you a planning platform customized to your business and needs. A software whose simple and powerful functions streamline planning for the company and for everyone involved in the process. A platform that enables your organization to work together towards the same objectives, with inclusive and cohesive budgets, forecasts and plans throughout the company.

It provides a faster and more value-creating planning process that enables you to look ahead proactively – and easily update plans when reality changes.

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